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I have two sites, how can I keep them in sync?

There are two cases:

If you can install FTP Synchronizer in one of the sites:
In this case, it's exactly the same as keeping local computer and remote FTP server in sync. Simply install FTP Synchronizer in one of the sites and create a profile to synchronize them.

If you can't install FTP Synchronizer in both sites:
In some cases, you have no permission to install software in remote site. In this case, you need to use local computer as a 'swap' space. You need to update swap folder by a site, then update another site by swap folder. Let's take an example: There are two folders: folder_a and folder_b in site_a and site_b respectively and you want to keep the two folders in sync. Here are what you should do:

1) Install FTP Synchronizer in local computer.
2) Create a folder, e.g. swap_folder, in local computer as the swap space.
3) Add a profile, e.g. site_a_to_swap_folder. You can update site_a to swap folder in this profile.
4) Add another profile, e.g. swap_folder_to_site_b. You should update swap folder to site_b in this profile.

After running the two profiles, the site_a and site_b will has the same files.

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