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Fast Scan for Remote Folder


A FTP file sync process has two main jobs:

  1. Scans local and remote folders to find out which files need to be synchronized
  2. Uploads or downloads these files.

Local folder scan is fast, only takes seconds in most time. But you may notice that the remote folder scan takes time. Depends on the connection speed and folder structure, it's pretty normal to take 10 minutes in order to find out a single changed file from thousands of files/directories. The reason is that FTP protocol needs FTP client like FTP Synchronizer to send command and receive response for every single directory. That's thousands of commands/responses.

Fast Folder Scan works in different way. It only sends a single command to get all files info. Obviously, this will save you some time, but how fast it really can be? Well, we did a simple test and the result is Incredible:

  Fast Scan Disabled Fast Scan Enabled Time saved
1039 files, 284 folders 28.5 seconds 1.5 seconds 96.4%
2078 files, 568 folders 79.3 seconds 3.3 seconds 95.8%
4156 files, 1136 folders 92.8 seconds 7.4 seconds 92%

It will save more than 90% of your valuable time EVERY sync.


Is the feature complicated to use?

Not at all. The only thing you need to do is to install our RockFTP Server to replace your current FTP server software (or use both of them if you want). And that's it, no changes need to be made in FTP Synchronizer.



So, why don't you Buy RockFTP Server and start saving your time right now?



If you also want to know how can FTP Synchronizer speed up the transfer, please check out it's block-level-sync feature.


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