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How to translate FTP Synchronizer?

  1. Download and install FTP Synchronizer. Then you can find English resource file, FTPSyncRes-English.ini, in the "Language" subdirectory of the installation directory.

  2. If you want to translate it to language "xxx", please make a copy of it and rename new file to "FTPSyncRes-xxx.ini"

  3. Open the file by Notepad or other editor and complete the translation. The file has "key=value" format and you only need to translate the "value" part. For example:

    ConfirmDuplicate=Duplicate the selected profile(s)?

    You only need to translate the "Duplicate the selected profile(s)?" and leave "ConfirmDuplicate" untouched. And, you'll also find there are some tags in the file, e.g. {PRODUCT_NAME}, <br>...etc. They don't look like "normal" words and you don't need to translate them too.

  4. Please send the translated file to us, we'll include it to the new version.



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